No Shows!


What is going on???   I am compelled to write about this because it is so disturbing to me. Since the Pandemic hit the U.S the amount of No Shows has skyrocketed. Employees are experiencing this daily.

I have been recruiting for over 25 years and I have never experienced this level of No shows. Even with you doing thorough, detailed interviews and vetting we are still experiencing this. So, the question is how do we combat this?

The positions that the Dental industry is most being impacted by this behavior is Dental Assisting but not to exclude other positions.  DRN has a zero tolerance for this. All candidates that make this unprofessional, unethical decisions, are not eligible for consideration with DRN or any of our opportunities.

DRN has found solutions for this, and it has assisted in decreases the amount of no shows.  The Dental industry has changed during these trying times, statistically, we will bounce back and when that does accrue, all of these ”No Shows” candidates will find themselves on a long unemployment line. We are large industry but small in sharing information.

I am perplexed by this behavior. DRN will continue to vet these candidates with rigorous guidelines to assure this does not happen with the candidates we decide to move forward to our clients.

My message to all you candidates applying for jobs and accepting interviews, working interviews or positions, and then not showing, Don’t Appy to DRN positions. This type of behavior will eventually catch up to you.

DRN is looking for candidates that are seriously looking for a career in the Dental field, with outstanding work ethics and the professionalism to cancel an interview when scheduled. We would be happy to reschedule for you.  If you have a strong work ethics. DRN would love to talk to you about our opportunities and discuss your career goals.

DRN welcomes all job seekers that “Show up”!

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